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Bovvy Campaign Weekend Empty Bovvy Campaign Weekend

on Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:05 pm
Hi all,

Tickets for the Battlegroup South, Bovington Tank Museum, BG campaign weekender are on sale (at PSC). It's limited places (because of limited space), but a great weekend of gaming. This year, our organiser, Andy T, has gone with another desert theme, updating last year's 1941 'Crusader' games to 1942 El Alamein... more fun in the sun. 500 point forces required (in 20mm), and bring the sun-screen.

I shall be going, a chance just to play and not organise is too good to pass up, and all the games I've played have been really good. Loved last years battles with my DAK, they might get a roll out again... (or maybe I'll swap to 8th Army, got both, hmmm!).

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