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Battlegroup Campiagn Weekend 2018 Empty Battlegroup Campiagn Weekend 2018

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:06 am
As I'm talking to exactly the right people... tickets for the Market-Garden campaign weekend are still on sale at PSC, but mainly we need a few Allied players (any Brits or US airborne).

The event is May 12-13th, 3 themed games over Sat and Sunday, at Broughton, near Chester... hosted by the Deeside Defenders wargames club. All games are 500 pts (that's all you need), in 20mm... full details come with the player's brief, but this time the campaign is a race to Arnhem for XXX Corps, hopefully it'll be close and tense at the end (if I've judged it right). British para battlegroups would be especially welcome... be nice to have some men to save!

Any questions, fire away... all previous events have been great weekends of gaming.

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