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Pinned/Rout-Surrender clarification Empty Pinned/Rout-Surrender clarification

on Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:00 pm
Hello dudes,

there are some discussion in interpretatin of the rules "pinned/rout-surrender".

for me, i read the rules in sense of the order how it is written. So written are some definition in this order

- if unit is under 50% of starting strengh OR already pinnend - it counts as destroyed
- if unit hasnt any friendly unit BUT an enemy unit within 10"(no matter how its strengh is) - it counts as destroyed

and last:
- if unit is equal to 50% or more AND NOT pinned already - it is pinned now.

So for my definition, i.e. Rifle runit of 10 men and I'snt pinned already, runs away if there is no friendly but a enemy unit in within 10"

pls can some BG-profis tell how they understand this ruletext.
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Pinned/Rout-Surrender clarification Empty Re: Pinned/Rout-Surrender clarification

on Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:46 am
No, the first portion should be read as one sentence. In the main rulebook it clarifies this with more words but the rules are as follows:

Pinned/Rout-Surrender result:
If the unit is below 50% or the unit is already Pinned: Unit either runs off or surrenders to the enemy
If the unit is still at or above 50%: Unit becomes Pinned

(Also note it is called Pinned / Rout-Surrender, not Pinned / Rout / Surrender)
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