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Pz35(t) — 15mm 3d print Empty Pz35(t) — 15mm 3d print

on Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:12 am
Pz35(t) — 15mm 3d print 2018-08-01-Pz35t-001

The Pz35(t) has been missing from my 15mm Blitzkrieg-era German forces. Fortunately, m_bergman includes one amongst his fantastic collection of 1:100 scale WW2 vehicles on Thingiverse, so I printed one for myself.

This one has been slightly remixed by me; I've added some track pins to give the tracks a bit more character, and I modified the turret hole and plug to take a pair of 3x3mm magnets. It's printed in PLA at 0.08mm layer height.

Pz35(t) — 15mm 3d print 2018-08-01-Pz35t-002

Pz35(t) — 15mm 3d print 2018-08-01-Pz35t-003

I'm still having trouble with tiny little hairs being left on surface details as the nozzle lifts away from the print, which means a lot of painstaking clean-up with a very sharp scalpel. More fiddling with settings is in order; I might have to design myself a little testing piece with rivets and what-not all over it that I can print quickly to try out various parameters.
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Pz35(t) — 15mm 3d print Empty Re: Pz35(t) — 15mm 3d print

on Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:43 am
Very nice overall!
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