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SMK (15mm 3d print) Empty SMK (15mm 3d print)

on Wed Jun 27, 2018 12:28 am
SMK (15mm 3d print) 2018-06-27-smk-001

This is my 3d-printed 1:100 scale model of the SMK, a Soviet prototype heavy tank, produced as a proposed replacement for the T-35.

One SMK was tested in action during the Winter War with the Finns; it was disabled by a mine. The SMK was passed over in favour of the KV-1.

The model was printed on my Ender-3 at 0.08mm layer height in PLA. Overall I'm reasonably happy with it, but the guns are a bit out of scale for ease of printability, and it could have done with a bit more sanding on the turrets. The .STL file came from TigerAce1945 on Thingiverse.

SMK (15mm 3d print) 2018-06-27-smk-002

SMK (15mm 3d print) 2018-06-27-smk-003
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