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Road Race - Battlegroup Blitzkrieg

on Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:37 pm
Last Saturday we played Road Race scenario from Blitzkrieg book.

British starting forces
    Liaison Officer in staff car
    Vickers Light Tank Platoon

British Main Force
    A10 Platoon
    A13 Platoon
    Vickers MkVIC Light Tank Platoon
    Additional A13

German Starting Forces
    SdKfz 222
    SdKfz 232
    Panzer II

German Main Force
    Panzer II Platoon
    Panzer 35(t) Platoon
    Panzer 35(t) Platoon
    Officer in Panzer IV

The goal of the first phase of the battle for Brits was to get their Staff car out of the battlefield to safety, the opposing forces had to destroy it.

Germans had the first turn but with only one order which was spent on Ambush Fire on the armoured car that was closest to the road on which British staff car had to drive to escape the battle. British patrol had 5 orders at their disposal, first one was spent on racing the staff car to the "safe zone". Staff car was destroyed by auto cannon fire from the SdKfz 222.
After that main force started to arrive. Relatively small deployment zones and narrow roads created traffic jams on both sides of the map. German focus was on the bottom side of the map where two Panzer 35(t)s platoons were sent and later reinforced by Panzer IV.
Small armoured cars and light tanks were popping left and right. British advance was directed towards the middle through the open fields as both main roads were cluttered with wrecks and therefore no longer drivable.
In the end British morale was broken by the amount of destroyed vehicles.

We agreed that for scenario with that many vehicles we probably need bigger table. Very Happy

Pictures taken by Patrokles:

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Re: Road Race - Battlegroup Blitzkrieg

on Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:04 pm
Nice report, thank you for posting.

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Re: Road Race - Battlegroup Blitzkrieg

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:00 pm
You are welcome! Glad you liked it.
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Re: Road Race - Battlegroup Blitzkrieg

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