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BG Barbarossa Errata Empty BG Barbarossa Errata

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:08 am

1. When rolling the dice for
Command Chaos, do you roll once
for the entire game or at the start of
each turn?
You roll the dice at the start of each

2. In the Russian Rifle Division lists,
the T-28 is listed as 10 pts and 1-i
BR. The T-35 is listed as 8 pts and 1-i
BR, this can’t be right?
No, typos.
The T-28 should be 26 pts and 3-i
BR. The T-35 should be 46 pts and
3-i BR.

3. German Assault Pioneers have an
option to upgrade their HMG-34 to
an MG-42, is this a typo?
Yes, you can’t have an MG-42
in 1941 without access to a time
machine. The line should have been

4. Finnish Long Range Patrols have
a demo-charge, but they aren’t
Engineers. Can they still use it?
Yes, they should be Engineers as
well. As a general rule, any unit that
comes with a demo-charge can use
it, assume they have the training

5. Is the Russian IL-16 listed
actually the I-16 Polikarpov?
Wrong denomination. It is the I-16,
not the IL-16, which is a late war
aircraft. It is right in the description
on page 102.

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BG Barbarossa Errata Empty Re: BG Barbarossa Errata

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:36 pm
Yes, it is a mistake, it should read T-26 M1939
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BG Barbarossa Errata Empty Re: BG Barbarossa Errata

on Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:47 pm
I would like to add, that the Pz38(t) E/F in Barbarossa should have an ammo supply of 7 and not 4.

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