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David Cowper
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Strongpoint Assault May 1940

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:17 pm
A quick game with Patrokles earlier in the week.  We'd never played Strongpoint Assault before so decided to give it a go, especially as I had a bunker model that had never been in a game. I placed the bunker with Vickers HMG in the centre of the BEF positions in order to control the junction and then the two sections designated to hold the hamlet and junction from the oncoming 6th Panzer division dug in with a dug in 2 pdr AT gun also guarding against any attempt to capture the junction.  A Boyes AT rifle team was also hidden amongst the forward positions.  At the rear a lone 25 pdr and 40mm Bofors were in position to guard against any breakthrough.  The FHQ pulled up in their staff car and joined the comms team in the communications bunker also in the rear.  No tank support was available so the BEF blocking force would just have to sit tight for as long as possible.   Minefields were laid to protect the vulnerable flanks and divisional artillery support would be available. 

The bunker was pinned by a preparatory bombardment and then a platoon of 35T tanks appeared on the British left.  Uncharacteristically cautious, perhaps worried by a glimpse of the mighty 2 pdr, the German tanks went off-road, through the hedges and then paused in the field and gradually whittled down number 1 section in their foxholes.  The plucky Boyes team managed to knock out the leading tank before succumbing to a hail of MG bullets.

One of the 35T's spotted the Bofors team lurking in the rear and polished off the crew before they could fire a shot.  On the British right the German recce armoured cars, also wary of the 2 pdr pushed around the flank.  They spotted the lone 25 pdr and tried to destroy it with autocannon fire.  No such luck.

At this point the German flanking force arrived - most of the infantry - right into a minefield.  As they tried to close assault number 2 section they set off a number of mines causing serious casualties.  The BEF FHQ moved into one of the houses so that it could get a clear view to call down the divisional artillery.  Number 2 section held on as long as they could but the sole remaining private had to surrender.  At this point, turn 4, British reinforcements - the remainder of the platoon began to arrive from their reserve positions. As the survivors of the minefield pushed on towards the junction the Vickers team who had been under continual artillery bombardment managed to pull themselves together in time to cut down the approaching German infantry.  After the 25 pdr crew became casualties I knew that the BEF were running out of time (1 BR remaining from 22).  The FHQ called down a 25 pdr bombardment with one shell landing right on top of a German 222 armoured car.

To the amazement of the remaining Tommies, the German force decided to give up the attack and pulled back to wait for further reinforcements.  I learned that sometimes it is a good idea to bring an infantry only force - the 35T-s had only loaded armour piercing ammunition and so their main guns were useless with no armoured targets.
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Re: Strongpoint Assault May 1940

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:44 pm
Looks like fun game!
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Strongpoint Assault Ma7y 1940 from the German Perspective

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:35 pm
Yes, it was a very good game MaaX Very Happy I had a lot of fun playing it despite I made many mistakes with the most important one - I forget about an objective which was very close to me ! Thanks to that I could have won. But that evening was for the Brave British Cool Congratulations David ! ... And by the way ... a very good AAR Smile
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Re: Strongpoint Assault May 1940

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:18 pm
Nice AAR!
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Re: Strongpoint Assault May 1940

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:30 pm
Nice AAR! I like your foxholes, where are they from?

David Cowper
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Re: Strongpoint Assault May 1940

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:00 pm
The foxholes are from Ironclad Miniatures. The bunker and gun pit I bought from PSC a few years ago when they sold resin terrain items.
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Re: Strongpoint Assault May 1940

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