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Medic & strether team Empty Medic & strether team

on Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:45 pm
Ok last weekend o had a game where I took a medic as a platoon attachment and had an situation accure. My medic was all alone do to all the infantry getting taken out. He was within 10" of an objective. He was then chased around by a tiger tank that was trying to cap the objective. The medic was finally spotted and was killed causing me to draw 2 chits and losing the game.
My questions are as follow.
1) can the medic capture/contest objectives.
2) why does the medic cause a chit pulled but not the sniper?
3) does the medic attach to a squad and can use that squads orders or is it considered a completely different/separate unit and is there for is given its own orders.
4) can a medic in a transport use it's special rules on troops that get hit in the same transport?

I willake an assumption that all the rules for the medic would also apply to the stretcher team, as they are the same.
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Medic & strether team Empty Re: Medic & strether team

on Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:32 pm
1) Our houserule is only Infantry and Recce units can capture Objectives (so to nip certain tanky lists in the bud). A Logistical unit feels out of place for that. But ROW say that you can (IIRC)
2) Snipers are pretty special ruleswise. First Aid you can teach anyone.
3) I think Warwick said you can attach it and use it with a unit no problem, and move him with the order for the unit. But you can use it seperate if you like as well.
4) I don't see why not.

Single Medic, Stretcher Team and Ambulance share the same Medic rule, yes.
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Medic & strether team Empty Re: Medic & strether team

on Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:40 pm
1) We have a house rule, called Geneva Convention, which does not allow direct fire on medic teams. On the other hand, as they are not armed, the can not take or hold objectives.But that is only our house rule and it is not used when gaming on the Ostfront. Evil or Very Mad

2) Why do you pull a chit when your medic is killed? Easy, it is very shocking to soldiers (or they are very enraged when ypu pull the right chit) to see their unarmed medics killed. Soldiers tend to like their medics and care for them, at least in wartimes.

3) Yes, you can permamently attach a medic to one of your squads. Warwick said so in the FAQ found in the Dispatches PDF.

4) Same opinion as Gunbird.


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Medic & strether team Empty Re: Medic & strether team

on Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:28 am
1) I think I will come up with a house rule for small teams. Any unit starting with 2 or less men, such as the medic, comms relay team and so on, along with unarmed soft skin and special vehicles, like the armored bulldozer. Can not cap objectives, as they would more likely retreat.

2) makes sense now I think about it. Snipers operate alone and so no one really sees them die or even know they are there. Where as the medic is visible and with the units so affects the platoon as a whole when he dies.

3) ok that makes a little more sense for him to attach to units and maybe even move from squad to squad if a separate order is given to him. Looking at it kind of like a transports embark/disembark order.

4) well know I reread the rules it's kind of a mute question. Seems the vehicle gets knocked out first then extra wounds go to passangers . So seems everyone would be out of the vehicle anyways....

Thanks you two, I could have figured it out over time, but having extra input hepls clear out repeating thoughts.
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Medic & strether team Empty Re: Medic & strether team

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