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Danish army lists

on Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:09 pm
Does anyone have some good resources for creating a danish army list?

I’ve been interested in World War Two since discovering that the Wehrmacht built a railroad thru a plot of land we owned in Denmark, but its only since starting playing Batttlegroup I’ve started to read more about the danish part of the war, so havent been able to gather much resources.
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Re: Danish army lists

on Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:45 pm
I would start with the Chakoten web side of the Danish Military History Society.

They used to have a stunning series of articles on the organisation of the 1940 army down to the last man and his dog (and bullet). However there was a hiccup in the site and these articles seem to have disappeared. However you may be able to track them down if you are able to contact them personally.

In any event please let us know what you find, because the Danish army is one of my favourites too because (among other things) of the wonderfully quirky equipment they had. And they put up a tremendous fight, which was fully appreciated by the Germans, despite that fight being severely hampered before it commenced and quickly curtailed, by political considerations outside the military's control.
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Re: Danish army lists

on Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:10 pm
I used the way-back machine to find some old articles from Chakoten, amongst other things a full OOB for ChainOf Command, so I know how many stands they had.
But BG doesnt use stands unfortunately :/

But on a good note, I found a book with danish WW2 equipment, so once i have read that I will have some more info (I already have found some things I didnt already know).

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Re: Danish army lists

on Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:06 am
Hi Sprygsy

I would suggest that your research be guided in the first instance by whether you wish to game historical engagements with what was actually available on the morning of 9 April or ‘what ifs’ based on the mobilised Danish Army (ie one based on wartime establishments).

If it is the former, then the current Chakoten website provides a wealth of information (look up articles in English as a short-cut) in the 3 main articles and two supplements on ‘The Danish Army on April 9th, 1940’. While a little light on detail below company/platoon level, it does give total numbers of heavy weapons and/or squads, so reasonable deductions can be made in conjunction with official TOE’s.

If it is the latter, then the CoC set is not much use unless you are a CoC player. As I mentioned, the Chakoten site had a fabulous set of articles on the detailed organisation of Danish infantry etc but it seems to have disappeared (perhaps I am not navigating the site correctly – not being a Danish-speaker is a disadvantage, no doubt). You could leave a message in the site’s guest book. I expect that contacting Per Finsted may pay great dividends. Finally, Paul of Early War Miniatures is in contact with some very knowledgeable Danish wargamers/historians and may be willing to share contacts (incidentally I finally succumbed on Saturday and bought a bunch of his new Danish equipment and troops – very nice indeed).

Finally if you havn't seen it already, then the Danish film April 9th is a must-see. Not only is it a great film devoid of the usual Hollywood-style nonsense, but it provides great source material on some of the typical events of the day, platoon-level tactics and shows in some detail a tripod-mounted LMG and a motorbike-mounted 20mm gun in action. I am told the uniform and equipment detail has been very well rendered too.
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Re: Danish army lists

on Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:00 pm
On a more immediate, practical level, the following I have been able to reverse-engineer from our own OdB for a demo wargame we showed many years ago.

Danish infantry company 1940
This consisted of HQ, 3 LMG platoons, a LMG tripod platoon (each platoon of 4 squads) and an admin squad.

Company HQ
Captain, company commander with pistol, binoculars etc
Lieutenant, second in command with pistol, binoculars etc
Officers’ batman with rifle (or 2 depending on source)

NCO, command squad leader with rifle
2 observers with rifles and binoculars
7 runners with rifles ( 3 with bicycles)
3 musicians with rifles, swopped for bugles and sidedrums when not in action

There was also a group of 8 rifle-armed scouts and two patrol leaders. It would appear this was grouped together under company HQ and was the domain of the junior officer.

Platoon HQ
Officer platoon leader with pistol. Binoculars, etc
Platoon leader’s batman with rifle
NCO second in command with rifle
Observer with rifle
Runner with rifles
Runner/sniper with scoped sniper rifle
4 rifle grenadiers

The LMG squad
NCO squad leader with rifle, binoculars and mag holder
LMG gunner with LMG
LMG assistant with rifle, 2 mag holders and spare barrels in a case
Riflemen nos 1,2,4 and 5 with rifle and mag holder
Rifleman no 3 with rifle and 2 mag holders
Grenadier with rifle, mag holder and 10 hand grenades  

Tripod LMG squad
Organised as per LMG squad other than
• The magazines were larger
• The NCO carried special ammunition and anti-tank ammunition in his mags
• The grenadier on top of everything else, lugged the tripod around

Admin squad
Here I am afraid I am dredging very vague memories. The squad was led by a Sergeant major with pistol and probably contained the usual one or more service NCOs, cooks, armourers, medics and artisans. It was equipped with a kitchen truck, two baggage trucks and 2 horse-drawn ammunition wagons.  

Likely support squads:

MMG squad (from battalion)
NCO commander with pistol
Gunner with pistol
Loader with rifle
2-3 ammunition numbers with rifles

81mm Mortar squad (from battalion)
As above

20mm machine cannon section (from battalion/regiment)
NCO section leader with pistol
Gunner with pistol
2 loaders with rifle
3 ammunition carriers

37mm anti-tank gun (from regiment)
NCO section leader with pistol
Gunner with pistol
Breach operator with rifle
2 loaders with rifles
4 ammunition carriers with rifles

In addition, the 20mm and 37mm sections each had 4 men with 2-horse drawn limbers and two ammunition carts to pull the guns and transport the ammunition. I can only assume that the MMG and mortar sections had similar arrangements.

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Re: Danish army lists

on Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:52 pm
Found this in the loft!

Motorcycle company
The company was made up of HQ, a motorcycle platoon, a motorcycle cannon platoon and company trains.

Company command squad
Officer, company commander, probably in personnel car with driver
Officer, company second in command, probably on motorbike with sidecar with driver
NCO command squad leader, bugler, gunsmith, personnel car with driver
Motorcycle platoon
Made up of HQ and 4 squads

Platoon HQ:
Platoon leader, observer, motorcycle with sidecar and driver
Platoon second in command, runner, motorcycle with sidecar and driver
2 despatch riders on solo motorcycles

Motorcycle squad
NCO squad leader, tripod carrier/ammunition carrier, motorcycle with sidecar and driver
LMG gunner, motorcycle with LMG sidecar and driver
Ammunition carrier, motorcycle with ammunition sidecar and driver
Ammunition carrier, assistant gunner, motorcycle with driver/despatch rider

Motorcycle Cannon platoon
Made up of HQ and 4 cannon squads

Platoon HQ
As per motorcycle platoon HQ but each despatch rider is replaced with:
Ammunition carrier, motorcycle with ammunition sidecar and driver

Motorcycle cannon squad
NCO squad leader, ammunition carrier, motorcycle with sidecar and driver
Gunner, motorcycle with 20mm autocannon sidecar and driver/assistant gunner
Ammunition carrier, motorcycle with ammunition sidecar and driver/ammunition carrier

Company Trains  
Workshop truck, kitchen truck, baggage truck and ammunition truck, each with driver.  

If my sums are correct, this makes 98 men, According to Per Finsted, the total wartime establishment was about 112 men. This suggests there were another 14 men or so in the command squad and trains establishment. The following seem reasonable:
3 motorcycle despatch riders on solo motorbikes as per bicycle company - 3
Company sergeant major - 1
NCO medic and 2 stretcher bearers - 3
Cook plus assistant - 2
2 Vehicle mechanics - 2  
tailor, bootmaker - 2

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Re: Danish army lists

on Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:27 pm
I found this website,
They list the infantry HQ as 15 men, if my memory is correct, that is including runners and such.
So 14 sounds about right.

Im currently watch 9 april on netflix, rarely watch movies, but it is really interesting Smile

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Re: Danish army lists

on Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:28 pm
Have to do a proper read on Chakoten it seems, and thats a good find on your loft Smile

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Re: Danish army lists

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