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Ulla. Forcing the Western Dvina

on Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:51 am
AAR. Ulla. Forcing the Western Dvina. Part 1:
AAR. Ulla. Forcing the Western Dvina. Part 2:

Photo album of the first part of the game:
Photo album of the second part of the game:
A small video game:

The Wehrmacht attacks the RKKA in defense. 1800 points.

Splitting the game table into two parts. The first is a prepared line of defense. The second-the bridge and the territory of the bridgehead on the other side.

The attacker is divided into two groups
1. The main forces of the attackers. 1200 points. The army must have a headquarters. 600 first wave, 600 second wave.
2. Air assault. The army must have a HQ(2). 600 points.

1. Advanced defense forces. The army must have a headquarters. Half of the entire army and all defenses with one free bunker and a machine-gun nest are located in the band zone. The second half of the defense forces comes out from the opposite side of the table (it is very far).
2. The rear garrison and the defense of the bridge. The army must have a headquarters. 600 points garrison, including defensive facilities.

1800 points. We use two headquarters, each headquarters is responsible for its zone (defense line, bridge and rear). The main forces use 4 dice. Landing troops will use two dice. Total 1200 basis, 600 - landing. Single combat rating on the side (rating of the main forces + rating of the assault) !!!

The task for the units included in the division is to form a campfgroup "Val" and a half of the battalion forces of the 69th infantry regiment, reinforced by the 640th battery of assault artillery with the support of a company of tanks of the 7th tank regiment with a 706th company of heavy infantry guns to break through the enemy fortifications on the site 2 km east of the city of Ulla, to break through the battle on the roads to the automobile bridge over the Western Divna and keep it. In addition, a foothold on the east bank should be occupied and expanded. For combat on the eastern shore, as well as to capture the crossing at the ull at the disposal of the kampfgruppy transferred part of the 3rd parachute regiment. Units of this regiment should occupy the passages and keep them open, and the bridge to take before the approach of the forward detachments, or to prevent the explosion of the bridge.

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Re: Ulla. Forcing the Western Dvina

on Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:57 am
Looks very impressive!
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