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Close Assault & Observing A 3-Man Team

on Fri May 11, 2018 5:36 pm
As a newcomer to BGK and after our first intro game our group came up with a couple more questions. Any enlightenment on these would be appreciated!  

1. Observation Table - Infantry Team of three men or less has -1 DRM.
- Does the -1 DRM apply to units only labelled 'Team' as indicated in the Observation Table or to any disembarked infantry unit of 3 men or less (eg. all the crewed weapons on the Small Arms Rate Of Fire table, a Forward Headquarters Unit, light/medium/heavy mortar team, anti-tank gun team, Motorcycle Reconnaissance Patrol, Russian Rifle Platoon Command Squad, etc)?
- If an 8-man infantry squad drops to 3 men due to casualties would they then get the -1 DRM?
- Does this mean adding a loader team to a crewed unit would negate this -1 DRM?

2. When to Close Assault
Our group wondered, given the risk to the attacker for a Close Assault (possible self-pin, return fire damage), what circumstances would make it an attractive option compared to an Open Fire order with much less risk?   We tentatively concluded that Close Assaults might only be attractive if the target was pinned and held an objective or position that needed to be occupied.  What do other experienced BGK players consider to be a “ripe” moment for a Close Assault instead of just firing?

Thanks!  -   Gary
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Re: Close Assault & Observing A 3-Man Team

on Fri May 11, 2018 6:15 pm
1. ANY unit which starts or falls to three or less men gets the -1 to spot. Yes, adding the "meat shield" (loader team) negates the -1 to spot.
2. Yup. Generally you only try to assault Pinned units. Any other situation is most often suicide.
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Re: Close Assault & Observing A 3-Man Team

on Fri May 11, 2018 8:40 pm
Anti-tank guns (or any other guns) are guns and not infanterie and so are much easier to spot. But mortars are infantry teams (except for moving). And any infanterie teams or squads of three or less men are harder to spot.

When to assault? Depends. When the enemy is pinned is the best situation, but sometimes you have to take the risk. Especially SMG armed Russian squads are ideal for assaulting. And with them it is often better to take the risk and assault than stay in the open and shoot.

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Re: Close Assault & Observing A 3-Man Team

on Sat May 12, 2018 6:09 pm
Nazrat and Wolflord:
Thanks for the tips on Close Assaults.  And I had missed that gun crews are not infantry but mortar crews are infantry, finally found it in the Q&A. Thanks for the clarifications!

Cheers,  -  Gary
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Re: Close Assault & Observing A 3-Man Team

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