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Ambush at Ligneuville - Battlegroup Wacht Am Rhein

on Tue May 08, 2018 9:22 pm
So we played 2nd scenario "Ambush at Ligneuville" of the "Drive Fast and Hold the Reins Loose" narrative campaign. I was playing the Germans again and my friend was playing as the Yanks.

The objective here was to break the US morale as soon as possible as Germans were receiving morale penalty from turn 5.

Some of the us troops started on ambush fire, including the Sherman and bazooka team. German halftrack was the first victim of the Sherman ambush fire. It was knocked out right after it deployed infantry which was immediately under fire from small arms - again ambush fire.

The lone survivor from the infantry squad passed morale test. That was very fortunate as the last man pinned would be removed from play. I left the MP40 guy, so I could close assault the US senior officer inside the hotel. Which I did, the lone warrior died in the process but the US FHQ was eliminated. US player drew 2 counters of which one was the Breakdown, he played it on Pz IV in the front of the column. It broke down and got immobilised blocking the main road... In this scenario it was main road so we agreed that destroyed vehicles don't block it for movement purposes as our roads were pretty narrow. But this Panzer IV was not destroyed... so the other tanks and halftrack had to take detour around the hotel and the church.

Enemy Sherman withdrew behind the bridge. Bazooka team hid behind the Church so the vehicles on the road couldn't see it. I used the remaining halftrack to circle around the church and engaged the Bazooka team with MG. I spent rest of the turn firing HE rounds at anything in sight.

US got Sherman reinforcements. Most of the infantry withdrew from my line of advance. The Sherman was hid on Ambush Fire behind one of the buildings while still having good view over the bridge.

After clearing "my" side of the town I pushed forward. My FHQ took the objective in the hotel and came under fire from US ambush losing one man. My only mobile PzIV drove towards the bridge, got shot right after crossing it. It survived the Sherman Ambush Fire, returned fire and the Sherman was in flames.

And that was it for the Americans. They exceeded the Morale limit and ran away it was the end of the turn 5 and of the game.

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Re: Ambush at Ligneuville - Battlegroup Wacht Am Rhein

on Wed May 09, 2018 12:58 pm
Sounds like an exciting game!
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Re: Ambush at Ligneuville - Battlegroup Wacht Am Rhein

on Wed May 09, 2018 9:00 pm
Ah, the next game in this fantastic BG campaign. Well done.
Time for your next target, the bridge at Stavelot. Very Happy


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Re: Ambush at Ligneuville - Battlegroup Wacht Am Rhein

on Thu May 10, 2018 10:34 am
Yeah, we are looking forward to it Laughing
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Re: Ambush at Ligneuville - Battlegroup Wacht Am Rhein

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