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Battlegroup Fall of the Reich - Urban Assault - 500pts

on Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:31 pm
Hi all,

I've visited David today and we play 500 points game, urban assault scenario.

While pushing further east the elements of the Polish 1st Armoured and British 50th Infantry Division encountered resistance on the outskirts of the small German town.

Small task force has been dispatched to engage the enemy forces. It consisted of:
Mechanized platoon (already dismounted for the engagement),
2 snipers,
a Sherman tank,
Churchill with 240mm mortar,
Supply truck,
2 infantry teams acting as scouts,
25 pounders battery,
Heavy mortar battery (off table)
Dingo artillery spotter,
Comms truck,
Senior officer.

Germans hastily assembled small kampfgruppe to counter the attackers. They had:
Volkssturm platoon with lots of panzerfausts, panzerschrek team and pak 38
Stug 3 g
Volksgrenadiers foot patrol with stg 44 and panzerfausts
Assault pioneer squad
Supply truck
80mm mortar battery off table
3rd priority request
Booby trapped building.

Allied infantry took cover in the orchard and behind the fence around small farm. The defenders had their infantry and AT Gun in the cover of buildings on the edge of the town, senior officer was on one of the objectives in the middle and the Stug was behind the railway station hall.

Germans got the first turn, they were also out-scouted both sides had 1 objective. On their first turn Germans captured 2nd objective. They also targeted one of the infantry units behind the farm compound wall.

Allies start moving the infantry towards the town on their left wing while hammering everything in sight with 25 pounders and heavy mortars. The German's AT gun was destroyed without firing a shot. German senior officer unit was hit by the barrage, two men lost - luckily the lone officer was not pinned and he withdrew further to the town.

Stug moved to the left side (allied right flank) to support the Volksturm infantry and to target the Churchill AVRE. The heavy tank was slowly moving towards the town to get in firing range. It fired a shot at the Stug but missed.

On the other flank one of the British infantry foot patrols was wiped out by the German small arms fire. The defenders took heavy losses in that sector due to constant artillery and/or mortar barrage.

Churchill AVRE fired at the Volksturm squad deployed in the small courtyard. Two troopers survived and got pinned down. Meanwhile the stug ran out ammo shooting at both the Sherman and the Churchill.

Germans used the underground canals to deploy their infantry close to the front line. Amongst other reinforcements the Germans got the quad auto cannon anti air vehicle - Wirbelwind. Due to its amazing firepower it quickly became number one target for the allies. It got pinned by the barrage and then knocked out by a lucky Sherman shot.

Panzershreck team boldly ran out of their cover and fired at the Churchill, wrecking the beast. Two allied snipers open fire at the Panzershreck team, killed the weapon operator and forced his loader to flee.

On the left side allied infantry teams moved closely to the ruins where German infantry were taking cover. One of the squads attempted to close assault the pinned troops with STGs but they lacked the courage to enter the fray (1 on the moral roll...).

Sherman pushed through the main road towards the city centre, it targeted the pioneer squad with 2 MGs killing one of them. Shortly after the Germans exceeded their BR rating and fled. Before that happened they blew up booby trapped building - the farm on the side of main road. No casualties though as noone were inside.

The game highlight was one of the artillery barrage, we used a scatter dice without an arrow on the "Hit" side so we had to re-roll all hits to get the actual arrow . I rolled 5 or 6 hits in a row...

Here are the pictures:

Hope you like it!
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