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Armorfast Half-Track to sdkfz 251/8 krankenwagen

on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:56 pm
Came back to building an AF half-track and couldn't find the sprue with the MG`s storage bins etc. So I figured I`d have a stab at making a sdkfz 251/8 krankenwagen instead. It`s just a bit of plasticard glued to the top and some two part putty to make a canvas cover. And fill in where storage bays would be if I had them at the time. Yes the bit`s turned up five minutes after I was done and having a cuppa lol typical .

Well at least now I can pretend to be putting my men`s health at the forefront of my efforts. And not just too dumb to remember where I have left stuff Hrs before Wink

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