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Under Fire Miniatures is having a Spring sale. Empty Under Fire Miniatures is having a Spring sale.

on Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:51 pm
Hello all, Under Fire Miniatures is having a Spring Sale.

Running from April 6th, day 1 of the new financial year to midnight on April 21st, customers will get a refund, via Paypal on any order they make worth £25, or more

This is how it works...

An order of £25.00p - £49.99p will get a 10% refund.

An order of £50.00p - £99.99p will get a 15% refund.

An order of £100.00p - 149.99p will get a 20% refund.

and finally...

Any order of £150.00p plus will get a 25% refund.

So, if you buy a platoon of Under Fire Miniatures range of 28mm Cold War Russians
(7 packs in all) all customers get a 15% refund whether they're in the U.K., Europe, or the rest of the world.

You place your order, as normal, and I will refund the appropriate ammount via PayPal.

If people have any questions I will happily answer them.

Also, a link to the 20mm online store can be found below...

In other news...

My current commission for BAOR in 20mm and Cold War US Army in 28mm is currently being sculpted.

Also on the list is a 20mm 60mm mortar team for my new range of RhSAS and a 4 man stick, in 28mm, also for the RhSAS.

Watch this space for further details...
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