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Centurion Mk.1 (1/300 H&R) Empty Centurion Mk.1 (1/300 H&R)

on Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:49 pm
Centurion Mk.1 (1/300 H&R) 2018-04-04-hr_CenturionMk1

I bought these some while ago, for no particular reason except that I like the Centurion.

This is the first production version of the tank, which appeared at the very end of WWII, though it never saw action, and I'm not sure that any even made it over to Germany before the surrender. The Centurion Mark 1 mounted the 17 pounder and a coaxial 20mm Polsten autocannon. It was soon upgraded to the new 20 pounder main gun, and the Polsten replaced with a BESA machine-gun, as the 20mm turned out to be largely pointless.

I'm not sure how old this sculpt from Heroics & Ros is, but they've recently released two new ones of the Centurions Mark V and XIII which, from the photographs I've seen, look as good as models from any manufacturer. I've ordered some, though like these Mark 1s, I have no immediate use for them on the wargames table. I just like Centurions.
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Centurion Mk.1 (1/300 H&R) Empty Re: Centurion Mk.1 (1/300 H&R)

on Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:18 am
A troop actually made it before the surrender but never fired a shot in anger.I got this info from a very reliableTMP source complete a picture when I was researching the Centurian MK1 for inclusion for FOTR .Sadly the stats I devised got lost when the Guild site got hacked .
Well painted although a bit small for my eyes .
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