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NKVD Blocking Detachment in 2 Jeeps

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:24 am
Hi everyone!

After some conversion work, I want to field a NKVD Blocking Detachment in a Russian Rifle Division for the first time.
I guess for you it's is totally clear, but I don't get the game mechanics for them.

My problem is handling a 6-man-unit in 2 different Jeeps.

My understanding of the rules so far:
As vehicles are always independent units, they don't have to be in 1" contact and can drive individually across the battlefield.
I need of course 2 orders to move both Jeeps and they are 2 different units, when it comes to placing reserves. They are also 2 units regarding rallying pinned troops.
As soon as both Jeeps are unloaded, the NKVD unit is a normal, single infantry unit.

No problems here, as long as everything works according to my battleplan, which surely won't happen.

Now, what will happen when they're on the battlefield.
First of all they're (most likely) in reserve.
Let's say they're the only units left in reserve and I role a 1. I am (per the rules) not allowed to place less units then roled. May I place one jeep, even though it transports only half of an infantry unit?

Then, what happens if one jeeps gets destroyed.
Let's say jeep 1 gets blown up and 2 men survive. I place these 2 men on the battlefield.
What now? Does jeep 2 has to disembark (per order) the next round?
If only one man of jeep 1 survives and is placed pinned, does he rout?
Do I have to take a battlecounter if the first half of the squad is destroyed and then another battlecounter for the second half again?

I really tried finding a solution in the rulebook, but I wasn't able.
So please, I need your help here.
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Re: NKVD Blocking Detachment in 2 Jeeps

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:13 pm
This was answered before in the old forum.
Treat both jeeps as one unit. You only need one order to move them both.


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Re: NKVD Blocking Detachment in 2 Jeeps

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:32 pm
Ok, thank you very much!
I didn't knew the old forum.
You really helped me alot.
Hauptmann Füßli
Hauptmann Füßli
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Re: NKVD Blocking Detachment in 2 Jeeps

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:06 am
But what if one jeep is destroyed and the other remains intact?
Am I allowed to put all the remaining soldiers into the surviving jeep and drive on, or do the surviving soldiers abandon their vehicle because there is not enough transport capacity left?
(Same problem as with motorcycle patrols)
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Re: NKVD Blocking Detachment in 2 Jeeps

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